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Buy African Locust Beans (Iru) 20 Gram on African locust bean is a multipurpose tree legume found in many African countries. The seeds, the fruit pulp and the leaves are used to prepare numerous foods and drinks, and to feed livestock and poultry.

The tree is particularly valued for its fermentescible seeds. They are fermented to prepare a condiment that is called “soumbala”, “dawadawa”, “netetu” or “afinti” that is a strongly pugent as French cheese. This condiment used for sauce and soup seasoning is one of the most important commercial products traded in western Africa.

Do you the African locust beans popularly known as Iru is a food spice that is recognized both locally and internationally for its amazing health benefits? In some African regions, it’s not just a medicinal food spice but also serves as a source of income.

African locust beans is a popular cooking ingredient in most homes, it’s called ‘Iru’ in Yoruba, ‘Dawadawa’ in Hausa, ‘Ugba’ in Edo, and ‘Ogiri’ in Igbo. In the olden days where we didn’t have stock cubes, locust beans served as the major ingredient in soups, stews, and sauces. People do rely on it as a source of food, source of income, traditional medicine, and remedy for several ailments. Buy African Locust Beans (Iru) 20 Gram on

The African locust beans have been known to possess numerous health benefits. It boosts the immune system and can also be used in the treatment of hypertension.

It possesses healing properties. The bark of the tree can be boiled and taken as herbal tea to treat and heal wounds. The decoction of the bark is also used as a bath for fever, to treat skin infections and as a mouth, wash to relieve toothache. It is an antioxidant that detoxifies the body. Locust beans help to control blood pressure by reducing arterial blood flow.
Knowing the ingredients in your food is also important in order to be conscious of any adverse side effects on your health or immune system. is the undisputed online retailer to get low prices and huge discounts always.

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