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CocoslayKifaah Macaroni 400 G


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Buy Kifaah Macaroni 400 G on Macroni is made from 100% suji, for a delicious delicate and lighter flavour to your Pasta preparations. It is delicious pasta made easy and in a jiffy. Macaroni is short curved tubular pasta in a semi-circle shape. Macaroni is versatile because of its short cooking time and familiar shape.

Kifaah Macaroni quality is excellent,It does not stick together or get soggy when cooked. It retains its freshness and firmness for much longer after preparation; so it can be prepared well ahead and kept in a cooler. This makes it a very good brand for sale by food vendors.

Kifaah Macaroni has a unique aroma and a pleasant taste. This makes it very pleasurable for eating. Kifaah Macaroni swells up when cooked thus it gives a higher yield. This attribute is important for people trying to be economical. Buy Kifaah Macaroni 400 G on

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