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Buy Malta Guinness Malt Drink Glass Bottle Beverage 330Ml on Malta Guinness is the unique and delicious non-alcoholic malt drink, packed full of the finest ingredients and added vitamins for that “top of the world” feeling.
Malta Guinness is a carbonated malt soft drink, which contains lots of thirst quenching properties. Much like beer, it is brewed from barley and hops. It has a rich, dark brown colour which is similar to stout. Malta also has a very sweet and rewarding taste with molasses overtones. It has rich gas lather and a smooth, consistent texture.

In terms of price, Malta Guinness is pretty cheap relative to the array of vitality and goodness that is packed into each single drop. Malta originated in Germany as Malzbier (“malt beer”), a malty dark beer whose fermentation was interrupted at approximately 2% alchohol by volume, leaving quite a lot of residual sugars in the finished beer.
You can treat yourself to the refreshing taste of this premium drink alone or with friends. Malta Guinness is a product of Diageo and is packed with of the vitality nutrients and minerals.

Buy Malta Guinness Malt Drink Glass Bottle on for kids and adults, a cold soft drink can be a nice treat with meals or to quench thirst on hot sunny days. Whichever flavour you like, you’ll be sure to get it here on
Malta Guinness is the brand that fuels your rise every day, everywhere.
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