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Buy African Dried Utazi Leaf 10g on Utazi leaves have a slight bitterness to them and are used as herbs and their slight bitter & sweet tastes enhance African foods such as Abacha, Nkwobi, unripe plantain, ugba, an oil-bean delicacy, yam porridge to name a few.

Utazi, or, going by its biological name, Gongronema latifolium has a mildly bitter, spicy taste, that enhances the taste of the food it is used to cook. It is known as Utazi in South-Eastern Nigeria, while those from the South West (Yorubas) call it arokeke. Utazi is widely used in the preparation of soups because it enhances both the taste and aroma of the food. It is also used because of its immense health benefits. Buy African Dried Utazi Leaf 10g on

African Dried Utazi Leaf 10g - Ethnic Food West African Cooking Leaves

African Dried Utazi leaf is rich in powerful antioxidants, stored in saponins and flavonoids in the plant, that remove toxins from the body and get rid of free radicals that could damage cells, It is also used to relieve pains in parts of the body. For example, rubbing Utazi leaves on cuts and bruises can help to significantly reduce the pain from the injury as well as stop the bleeding, if any. Eating Utazi also helps one to maintain a healthy eating habits by making it easier to digest food without running into problems like constipation or stomach ache. Buy African Dried Utazi Leaf 10g on

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